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My Story

The seeds for Restored were planted in 2007 when I hit a brick wall and everything in my life changed.  During a dream trip to Maui, an open cut on my leg and a dip in freshwater started a chain of events that I could have never anticipated.  Everything I thought I knew about how my body functioned died that day.  As a result of exposure to freshwater, over the years I gradually became intolerant to nuts, certain milk products, fried foods and encountered multiple bouts of eczema, skin infections, skin sensitivities, and newly discovered allergies.

Seven years later, out of frustration and getting no relief with my skin, I began formulating my own body products using natural and organic ingredients.  Through trial and error, I know what my body loves and what my body can't stand.  So I figured, why not share what I've learned with others who may be like me?

My skin story changed everything about me.  My daily routine, eating habits, thought processes, frame of mind, everything changed!  It was then I realized that I was on a journey to more than restoring my skin, but restoring full balance in my life.  I started Restored to help others see beyond just having beautiful skin, but having a beautiful life.