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Our Core Values


You know your body best.  You should be the expert on what it needs, what makes it happy, or what makes it angry. I know the foods that make my right pinkie itch.  Weird, but true.  We want our customers to choose the products that work best for them based on their own life experiences.  What works well for me may completely bomb on you.  Healthy skin does not have a one size fits all approach.  There are so many other factors at play that go way beyond slapping body butter on a dry patch.  We want YOU to be satisfied but acknowledge that healing starts when you are truly conscious of your body.


We've all heard it:  relationships don't work without trust and communication.  How can you know what works best unless you know what's at work?   Our products are handmade for a reason:  they are meant to be simple and straightforward.  We are committed to being upfront and honest about all the ingredients that we use, about what our products include and what they do not include.  We take entering into a relationship with you as serious as any other important relationship in our personal lives.  We vow that it will be built on trust and transparency.


Restored began out of my frustration with multiple skin struggles and skin fails.  At times I felt like no one understood.  Not everyone wanted to sympathize with the changes I had to make in my life to get my skin back in order.  You begin to feel isolated, like you've made everything up in your head.  Isolation can lay the groundwork for hopelessness.  Restored's goal is to promote a community of like-minded people with no judgement.  Our passion is to rebuild and revive the broken.  We also do that through our financial support of local charities that promote restoration in people's lives.  Five percent of every purchase will benefit the Central Union Mission, which meets the needs of hungry, hurting and homeless individuals and families in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Learn more at missiondc.org.