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No Fragrance

This collection is for all products that have no fragrance.
$ 12.95

Body butters are whipped to create a creamy texture to easily apply to your body.  The butters melt upon contact with your skin and immediately get to work!  These butters moisturize without leaving a greasy residue. This is nothing but the basics.  If you have sensitive skin, or don't need any frills, this the one for you.  Only naturally scented...

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$ 12.00

Emulsifying sugar scrub cubes, which means they give off the effect of a moisturizing lotion as they scrub.  Enjoy the bite-sized ease of these 1-inch sugar scrub cubes.  Convenient stand-up pouch includes 3 ounces of cubes (about 6 cubes).  Do not store in damp area or expose to water until you are ready to use.  Each cube is for a single...

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$ 6.50

Go big or go home! Supersize your lip moisturizer with our perfectly-sized .50 oz lip balm stick.  Dry, chapped lips have no chance against this super-powered lip balm.   The balm is specially formulated with mango butter and calendula-infused oil to help fight chafing and dryness.  Instructions:  Rub on lips until balm begins to spread.  If balm is a little...