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The 4 Attitudes To Conquer This Year

There’s nothing worse than going to your regular 9 to 5 on a Monday after a holiday weekend.  Especially when you look around and notice the lack of people in the office buildings because they were smarter than you and took the day off. As I dragged myself into work, I thought to myself, why am I doing this?  I periodically have these conversations in my head:  

Self: You’re too talented for this. You can be home right now doing what you really want to do.

Self to Self: I know but this job is stable.

Self:  Stability can be stifling, you need to be free!

Self to Self:  What’s better: freedom or health insurance and a retirement plan?

Self: (sigh)

Over the past 5 years, I have found myself having this conversation in my head over and over.  Do you have this struggle?  Some days I just want to dive over the ledge and just see what happens  But on most days my Virgo nature reigns me in and reminds me that there’s nothing better than a solid plan.  Despite my wavering, something about the year 2014 was the tipping point for me and I decided that I better take my chance now before I looked back on my life regrettably wishing I had done something I always dreamed of doing.  As I look around and learn from those who have done this before me, I have noticed certain qualities about them that make them rise above the crowd.  There are 4 attitudes that I am convinced I have to embody before I’m successful.  

Don’t Stay Asleep.  I’ve encountered many dreamers in my lifetime.  They are often starry-eyed and talk about big plans and conjure up such pretty images when you talk to them.  However, most of my dreamer friends get so caught up in their dreams, sometimes it seems like they’d rather live in la-la land than face the grittiness of reality.  What inspires me more are those who can harness a single idea, work the hell out of that idea until they can get results.  It’s important to have a vision, but it takes a special skill to lay the groundwork for the vision.  How many people do you know who can make lofty plans but aren’t too reliable with completing those plans?  It requires a balance of following a well-laid plan but also knowing when to take a chance.  To me, having a good plan beats out a dream any day.  Perfecting this skill will put me in a better position to take the plunge without fear.

Understand My Mortality.  I came across the most wonderful quote from Steve Jobs: “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”  Imagine how meaningful my Monday would have been if I knew I was dying tomorrow?  Saying goodbye to that 9 to 5 wouldn’t look so scary.   When the fear of missing your time is bigger than your fear of the unknown, then you’ve tapped into a potential that cannot be stopped.  You no longer fear failure, or a disappointing loss.  Those moments simply show you that you are still alive, and that there’s still work to do.  You wouldn’t have failure unless you were still trying anyway.  This attitude is all about shattering the thought that your life will always operate the same way it does today, 1, 2, 5, or 10 years from now. It’s treasuring the time you’re given now and using it as wisely as you can.

Have a Drive that’s More Important Than Money or Praise.  I spoke about this in a previous blog about why I’m starting Restored.  All of the business blogs I read state that if you’re in business to make money, then you should quit now.  It’s funny they would say that given how much the United States is a hardcore capitalistic country.  I believe this is true because when your motivation is not your next come-up or paycheck, you don’t get easily discouraged when you hit a devastating blow.  During your low points, if your motivation is beyond money you’re more likely to stick it out when the money just isn’t there.  The reality is that your business is going to cost you-in money, in time, in tears, and in effort.  In the end, I need to say I did it for my passion’s sake, rather than for the money.

Don’t Mind Offending People.  It’s not that successful people aren’t nice, it’s just that they’d rather commit to their idea than appease your feelings.  They can take a conviction and stand by it without wavering. They have a hard shell that has taken years to build and not easily broken.  They can declare what is and what it’s going to be whether you believe it or not.  After all, when you’re starting out and people are looking at you sideways because they can’t imagine how you would ever make it, how can you move on from that other than believing in that idea no matter what?  The hardest part of “the beginning” is feeling like you have the greatest idea that no one knows about.  When people start noticing your conviction and your relentless aim, it’s a beautiful thing to watch things fall in place.  

What attitudes are you determined to conquer?

  • July 06, 2015
  • Tiffany A

I’m Tiffany, and the drastic changes to my skin in my late 20s, led me to start making my own skin products. I've learned that managing my eating habits, stress, and my skin regimen is helping to get my skin back on track. Now I blog about my skin struggles and what I’ve learned along the way. Check out my awesome body butters here.

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