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8 Herbs & Spices that Your Skin Will Love

I love using different spices and herbs when I cook because they provide color and zest to my meals.  Adding spices give depth to your meal but give the added benefit of having nutritional value.  Just as with fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices have antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals to protect from cell damage.  They shine the most with their anti-inflammatory properties, as well as their makeup of Vitamins A, C, and E, which are great vitamins that promote healthy skin.

Herbs and spices are great because they are low maintenance.  Just sprinkle them in your soups, pastas, salads, on meat, in your smoothies, wherever you choose!  It’s a shortcut to get in your needed vitamins and minerals for the day.  Below are 8 herbs and spices to eat that your skin will love:

#1 - Turmeric.  Turmeric is a large component of curry powder.  It is such an all-star, I could spend the whole post talking about the diseases and ailments it heals.  Turmeric has significant anti-inflammatory benefits.  In addition to using it to flavor your meals, you can apply turmeric directly to skin rashes or wounds to help with healing.   

#2 - Cinnamon.  Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits.  It has been studied for its ability to inhibit bacteria growth, including the yeast Candida.  Cinnamon also can help slow spikes in blood sugar after eating high-carb meals to prevent increases in oil production which contributes to acne.  

#3 - Ginger.  Ginger contains anti-inflammatory components called gingerols.  They are effective in addressing inflammation in the body.  Ginger helps promote healthy sweating, which helps the body rid itself of toxins.  This promotion of healthy sweat is thought to help with producing a protein called Dermicidin which protects against bacteria on the skin’s surface.

#4 - Cayenne.  The key component in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, has antibacterial properties and helps with regulating blood sugar.  Fresh cayenne peppers are also a wonderful source of Vitamin C which is essential for cell regeneration and supporting our immune system.  Cayenne is also the best source of Vitamin A among all spices, which helps protect the skin from aging and keeps your skin smooth.

#5 - Fennel.  Fennel is typically associated with healthy digestion but surprisingly is a great source of vitamin C.  Fennel reduces inflammation in the stomach and intestines and aids in proper absorption of nutrients from our food.   One cup of fennel seeds contain about 20% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.  

#6 - Basil.  Basil essential oil has shown promise in inhibiting several bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics.  Basil can also mimic the anti-inflammatory benefits of typical over-the-counter drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen. It is a good source of vitamins A and C.

# 7 - Paprika.  There should be no surprise that paprika is packed with skin-loving nutrients, given that paprika is made up of dried bell peppers.  Bell peppers have an impressive amount of antioxidants.  In particular, they contain a good amount of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene and carotenoids.  They are needed to produce the protein that makes up our skin and prevent cellular damage.  One teaspoon of paprika has 37 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A.

#8- Cilantro.  Cilantro or coriander seeds are known as healing spices.  Coriander helps stimulate the secretion of insulin and lowers blood sugar.  Similar to the other spices on my list, they contain vitamins A and C which are essential for healthy skin.  One hundred grams (about 3 ounces) of cilantro leaves provide 30% of daily recommended levels of vitamin C.

What are your favorite meals using these spices?

  • July 05, 2015
  • Tiffany A

I’m Tiffany, and the drastic changes to my skin in my late 20s, led me to start making my own skin products. I've learned that managing my eating habits, stress, and my skin regimen is helping to get my skin back on track. Now I blog about my skin struggles and what I’ve learned along the way. Check out my awesome body butters here.

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