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How Not to Make a Million Dollars: Why I'm Really Choosing to Do My Own Thing


My grandmother with myself, sister, and cousin.


Most people think the goal of entrepreneurship is to make loads of money.  I’m not going to lie, I read all the time about startups and how they’re raising millions of dollars and I wonder, can that be me?  I have to ask myself if that’s the kind of success I’m looking for.  Success to me is not reaching that dollar mark, but to have something that is all MINE.  I do not want to reach the end of my life knowing that I put off my own dreams in the pursuit of someone else’s.   

There are 3 simple reasons that motivate me to continue.  These reasons are also why I cannot stop.  Even if I fail 10 times over, in the end at least I know I learned something along the way.  When I get discouraged, this is what I remember to keep me going:

My grandmother. I never reflected on how much of an entrepreneur my grandmother was until she passed away.  I would watch her sew and make alterations for people but it never dawned on me how much strength and resolve was behind her nimble fingers.  She left Alabama at a young age and made a life for herself in New York City, becoming a seamstress.  This was in the 1940s!  She chartered the way for her brothers to follow behind her and move to New York also.  She later moved to Virginia and started her own dress factory.  My sister and I often wore her creations as little girls.

My granny had the boldness to pursue a dream, reaching out to unfamiliar places, and still was successful in her own right.   Most of all, she did it with her own talent and her intellect-something that no one could take from her.  I would say that is more than enough to inspire me to follow in her footsteps and do the same.

My creative outlet.  It’s hard to be creative behind a computer screen 8 hours a day.  In my normal life, I am a numbers cruncher.  I love it, but it drains your creative spark. Just like my grandmother, it has been my hands that have spawned my creativity.  I play the piano and I love to write.  I love cooking (and eating), and putting together small party favors.  I’ve always dabbled here and there in my "creative space" but never thought I would start investing more time into it.  My dear friends Kim and Landa encouraged me to keep creating.

The more I began to make my own body butters and oils, i realized I liked the freedom and flexibility of it all; if I want to create my own scent one day, and then another scent the next, I can.  I can design my own labeling for my products; I can design the look of my website; I can create all of my marketing materials.  Everything that comes out of Restored is a direct expression of my creativity.  There’s no other job where that can be replicated.

A hope for others. My ultimate goal for Restored is way beyond making a living for myself.  It is breathing life into the dreams of others, especially young girls.  What has held me back from pursuing my dream all this time is fear that I couldn’t make it.  That, and not having the tools and the mentoring in place to guide me along the way.  

Until I was connected with key people in my life and business associations like the Indie Business Network, I didn’t have the guts to move forward.  I want to pass the my knowledge on to those who need that same push. My goal is to give them the opportunity to identify and promote their talents; to mentor them into their own entrepreneurship pathways; and to support them in creating innovative ways to approach business on their own terms. Rather than allowing everyone else to dictate what they will able to accomplish, I want to provide the encouragement to believe that they can have their own.  

So there you have it; this is why I’m in this.  I know that if I don’t ever make that million dollars it won’t matter because that’s not my motivation. As long as my 3 reasons exist, I’m going to keep moving forward.

What are your main motivations to be successful?

  • June 29, 2015
  • Tiffany A

I’m Tiffany, and the drastic changes to my skin in my late 20s, led me to start making my own skin products. I've learned that managing my eating habits, stress, and my skin regimen is helping to get my skin back on track. Now I blog about my skin struggles and what I’ve learned along the way. Check out my awesome body butters here.

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Ann Bing

June 29, 2015

Tiffany I am soooo very proud of you!! !!!!
You are right it’s not always about making that million dollar mark ( of course it would be extremely nice) but as long as you enjoy doing what makes you happy.. . Your vision and dreams may be a blessing for someone else ..
Continue to move forward strive for your goals be motivated and follow your dreams . !!!!!!


June 30, 2015

I just love you!!! Got me tearing up at work! You go cuz!!


June 30, 2015

You guys are the bestest. Love you!