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Restored Challenge Round-Up - 6.21.2015

I’ve been working on my restored challenges for about 2 months now.  I have committed myself to living a more balanced life so each week I post a challenge on Instagram to help me refocus and make sure I’m living a life filled with purpose and intention!  This week the challenge was to do something unexpected for a stranger.  An unexpected gesture for someone you don't know can completely alter that person's mood and their perspective.  The impact of helping someone can have a much greater reward than the cost of doing it. 

I completed 2 acts of kindness this week-one planned and one unexpected.

First was my trip to sweetgreen.  If you’re on the East Coast or in California, you have to try out this awesome restaurant.  They serve salads and bowls made with organic and locally sourced ingredients.  They have an awesome mission and most of all their customer service is out of this world.  I happen to frequent one particular location all the time and I’m always greeted with a smile and upbeat attitudes.  They are exactly what I want to model my customer service after when Restored launches on October 1st.  So, this week, I delivered a card and sunflowers and gave it the lunchtime crew just to say thank you.

The smile on their faces and their hugs was confirmation that I chose to do the right thing.  Most times when I go to eat, I notice that I can get caught up in the lunch rush, in a hurry to get my food and not actually consider that the people behind the line are real people with real feelings. Even though I’m paying for the service, I can still have a thankful attitude.  It was an awesome feeling to be able to say thank you.

The second act-which came completely unexpected-happened during my mini weekend vacation with a group of friends.  As we walked into a restaurant to eat breakfast we were encountered by an older man asking for money.  Instead of giving him anything we told him to come inside and order a meal.  He sat at the bar and ordered a T-bone steak.  It was probably the first time he’d had steak in a while.  After he was done, he said thank you, and went along his way.

We don't know where he came from and what his destination was; he could’ve had the money in his pocket or he could’ve had nothing-that doesn’t matter.  We were able to do something unexpected and different, something that reminds us that we’re in this world together and we will all need someone at some point.  It was a great challenge this week!

Have you ever completed a kind act for someone you didn’t know? Tell me what happened!

  • June 27, 2015
  • Tiffany A

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