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Giving Back to Those Who Are Forgotten

So……’s funny how time flies!  I decided to stop messing around and start blogging again and realized that almost 4 months have gone by.  That goes to show you how a business can zap all of your time.  Launching a business while working a full-time AND part-time job, as well as volunteering for a local nonprofit is NO joke!  Call it the gift and curse of my ability to multi-task.  Or you can just say I’m doing way too much.  Whatever you want to call it, I think I just don’t want this life to pass me by without doing something, moving something, or helping someone while I can.  If you read a few of my blog posts and hang around my site long enough, it won’t take long to realize that I’m all about community.  It’s been passed down from my parents and it’s what keeps my heart pumping. It’s one of Restored’s core values and my commitment to service is felt in every batch and every purchase a customer makes.  Early on, I decided that 5% of my profits should go to a nonprofit in my area.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that Central Union Mission would be a perfect fit.

Central Union Mission

Central Union Mission is a Christian nonprofit based in Washington, DC that provides services to the homeless and other underprivileged families, seniors, and veterans.  They do this by providing meals, distributing food and other households needs, providing shelter, hosting children’s camps, and providing education and training programs.  They go beyond way just providing food or a warm bed; they provide complete programs for people to address their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

My Visit

I had the distinct pleasure of touring their men’s shelter last month as I dropped off my first year-end donation for the organization.  The shelter is the hub for the majority of the programs for men who are homeless in the city.  When I arrived, there were at least a hundred men sitting in a waiting space (a place to stay during the day to keep warm), and staff were working on preparing dinner for the men who would arrive that night.  I was able to view the dorm rooms for men in their Spiritual Transformation program, an intensive program to help men struggling with drugs, alcohol, and other issues through Bible study and Christian ministry.  We talked about their job readiness programs, tutoring programs for math and writing, and computer classes.


Me delivering my donation.

Love & Compassion

Central Union Mission proclaims a message of love and compassion which I felt even for myself as I was offered a tour of the entire building and the Director patiently explained all of the work that they are doing. Despite the busyness of the day, they took the time to answer all of my questions and let me take a picture in front of their baner.  My gift was modest by far, but the staff made me feel like I was donating millions.  Such a gracious organization to take my humble offering in the way that they did!  I can only hope that my business does even better this year so I can return next year with a much bigger gift!  It was confirmation for me to know I made the right choice.

If you’d like to volunteer, visit and sign up for their email list to hear about their volunteer opportunities.  Also like them on Facebook to read up on their current news-they always feature stories of their programs and new volunteers!  Also, if you’re not in the Washington, DC area but you’d like to help the homeless, below are 5 cool ways you can help.

Five Ways to Help the Homeless

  1.  What to Really Include in a Homeless Care Package:  We often make assumptions about the best items that people who are homeless need, but this post breaks down the most important items to consider for care packages.
  2. What You May not Know about the Homeless:  Simple items like underwear and old shoes matter.
  3. Washcloth Travel Kit:  How to turn a washcloth into a cool travel kit.  
  4. From Plastic Bags to Sleeping Mats:  Follow this tutorial to learn how to turn plastic bags into sleeping mats.
  5. Change Your Perspective:  View this awesome video to shift how you think of those who are homeless.
  • February 15, 2016
  • Tiffany A

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